The Best Erotic Game This Season

Christmas is a great opportunity to question what points of reference of sexuality we want our teens to print in their hearts. Indeed, it is at this period of their life that these important tags print, then reproduce later. Sexuality is much more complex, mysterious and sacred than allowing the media to reduce it to a mechanical piston.

The Right Process of Youth

In the long course of youth, children between 3 and 8-9 years are in a fairly continuous development, often harmonious, if they are well surrounded. The children are not yet in a highly sexualized experience, they are well aware that there are girls and boys, that the anatomical and psychic attributes are different, but the relations are often still very fraternal, even if already “to have a The lover “has already been experienced. It still reins a form of carefree, serenity that will soon be irremediably upset. Around 9, 10, 11, 12 or even 13 years old, genetics will start working and trigger the puberty phase: a veritable avalanche of hormones will trigger this phase of development of sexual characteristics. Using the hentai games this situation can better.

Primary: the maturation of the genitals is completed and their development in size and volume, it triggers the generation of gametes available for reproduction in both sexes – so already the ability to procreate – with the onset of menstrual cycle’s teenage girl;

Secondary: appearance of porosity, appearance of teenage breasts, and increase of muscle mass for boys, growth spurt, molting, some skin changes appear, etc.

This is a revolution for most teenagers. A multi-revolution and like any revolution, not easy to assimilate. Let’s explore together:

  • Primo, the hormonal thrust will often unconsciously lead teens to an exploration of their sexuality, usually via a focus on the genitals, and this exploration will result in desires to explore and enjoy the enjoyment by the masturbation. A little, a lot or very often. Already studies show that babies are explored in the womb of their mother. This is not new but it is growing sharply at this age.
  • Secondly, since teens are gradually driven by sexual impulses much stronger than childhood (which was a very calm period in terms of sex hormones), the tone of the relations between the sexes will also evolve. Relationships will gradually become sexualized. They will also imply that the attraction will move towards the touch, towards this body, which, by its newly acquired forms, becomes more attractive.
  • Tertian, the body evolves enormously in a very short time. The body will become clearly sexed. A girl will become in a few years a teenager with her shapes, a boy too. The view of others on him will therefore be profoundly changed since the shapes and hormones will accentuate the games of seduction in relationships. Each teenager will have to learn to play / manage his seduction, his self-esteem, something that did not go through a few years earlier.
  • Fourthly , there may be an attraction for the opposite parent, a form of reviviscence of Oedipus syndrome. And when this is replayed in the dynamics of blended families, it is not easy to manage.

These few revolutions have existed since the dawn of time, but nowadays, in these contemporary times, it is beneficial to realize that new ingredients can greatly disrupt the development of teens’ sexuality.

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