Essential Options for the perfect Use of Sex Toys

In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right sex toy for simultaneous use by a man and a woman. What to look for and what errors to avoid. Let’s compare existing models and tell about their features. We will explain why the intimate life between a man and a woman can be filled with a more vivid and colourful result.

The Choice of the Sex Toy

Today, one of the most popular customer requests is sex toys, which can be used in the process of mutual sex with a partner. In principle, any vibrator, anal tube or masturbator can be used together. However, only some models allow simultaneously stimulating male and female sexual organs. This effect will enable you to strengthen the sensation of sexual intercourse and complete

For the Strong Orgasm

It with a stronger orgasm

Proceeding from such tendencies – manufacturers have developed unique, anatomical toys for two. The most popular type of toys is of this kind, the so-called “bracket.” The outer part of which is located on the female clitoris and the inner part is snug against the front wall of the vagina. In this case, the toy does not interfere with the entrance of the partner but rather strengthens its stimulation.

  • The first manufacturer to release a stimulant for two was we-vibe (Canada). This brand has developed a compact curved vibrator, with two motors. Both parts vibrate, both external and submerged. As a result, the woman receives intense stimulation of the clitoris and points G. The man gets a narrower entrance to the vagina and additional stimulation of the penis. The device is quite tight against the body. The anatomical form allows you not to hold it with your hands and use it in almost all poses. Even the first we-vibe of such a plan quickly gained popularity. Was designed to give new sensations and give at the same time freedom of action.

However, with all the advantages, the toy had a significant drawback – because of the difference in human anatomy, this toy did not suit everyone. The brand collected user feedback and with each new model made the toy more universal and flexible. Just gradually, and improved the management of toys. Now one of the most popular and global models for two is we-vibe Sync.

The advantages of we-vibe Sync:

  • Can take the shape of the body, adapting to the anatomy of a particular user
  • Control of both the toy itself and the remote control (included)
  • Manage through the application on the phone. This makes it possible to control the toy at any distance from each other and activate more stimulation modes
  • Water resistant, because charged with magnets

Medical silicone

Sync is the undisputed leader and certainly the best in all characteristics of the vibrator for two partners. However, the only notable disadvantage is its price. It is very high.

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