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A Phone Sex Guide for the Best Phone Sex Ever

Phone book by phone? Why do you need a telephone sex guide? Do not you just talk on the phone and you do not talk? Is not it all natural? Does not the phone look like a movie? No, not really. Good sex on the phone can be very fun if you take into account some basic concepts, do it with the right person and ignore almost all the sex phone images in movies you’ve ever seen. Also, maybe, the scene in the “truth about cats and dogs”. It is also not natural for most people, but it is a great way to keep the relationship at a distance from each other or explore the fantasy that you have always thought of in a safe and impartial environment.

I know how to make good sex on the phone. I do this for life and I love it. I like role-playing and pleasing male fantasies on the phone. I like to think I’m giving smart phone sex. There is much more talk than just moaning and moaning from me. Of course, I can do it too. But if what you want is great, amazing, fun, accept, for more erotic phone sex.

These are some of my tips for an excellent call.

Be comfortable

You will make a body that touches in the same way, like saying, use something with “easy access”.

Confidentiality If you do not succeed in the action, it’s your thing, make sure you do not bother. Lock the door, close the windows, take care when your companions leave the house, etc.

Preliminary planning

Yes, the curious breaks the spontaneity, but if you call a professional service, for example, me, make sure you have enough money in your account before calling. This is a real disappointment when you are about to explode in the orgasm of your life.

Talk to me

Tell me what you want You do not need to have all the script written in your mind, but give me an idea of ​​what you are looking for. I like the role play, but I need to know who you want to play with. Give me an idea of ​​what you are looking for.

Assign a date

Regardless of whether you’re planning a meeting with a long distance lover or creating a session with me, you’d better get lucky in what you want by setting a date. I accept appointment requests all the time, it makes time more relaxed when I know who, when, what and where I can really blow your mind.

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