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Excellent Options for Your Pleasure Times

What do you think, what kind of sex can be ideal? Maybe the one in which the partners know all the poses from the Kama Sutra? What kind of woman or man can be ideal lovers? Is this a woman who can do blowjob in ten ways? Or a man with the exterior of James Bond? Let’s talk about something else today. Among all the comments on articles on how to diversify the sexual life of men and women were written and such:

  • “Did you really try all this? In addition to the advice “Smile more” – the rest can attract only a pig in the image of a man “(a man’s comment).
  • “With such things a man can be frightened for a long time. This can be used, probably, when everything is completely bad, and when a woman has no other charm “(a woman’s comment). The Lebonplansexe is important to consult in this matter.
  • The secret of ideal sex is that it begins long before the moment when a man and a woman find themselves in an intimate atmosphere.
  1. For perfect sex, you need to take your body

A client with a model figure came to me, but despite her stunning appearance, she undressed in front of her fiancĂ© only in complete darkness and immediately dived under the blanket.For a perfect sex you need not only the acceptance of your body – a woman should be proud of it.Every man wants to have a Queen woman next to him.

  1. For a perfect sex, a woman should be smart and open to everything new

If the woman is intelligent, then she will be inquisitive. She will understand that sex is a very important part of our life and reveres literature on this topic. And the porn film will look from the cognitive point of view, not turning away squeamishly or bashfully.

A woman should not be a prude and if she is easy to talk about any topic of a sexual plan, a man will be able to trust her and tell her about her fantasies. Together they will be able to discuss some emerging problems in sex and not only, and this will not destroy their relationship.

  1. For ideal sex, a woman should be tactful.

In sex, it’s easy to offend us, because we are not only physically naked, we are naked mentally. And phrases like: “And that you have such a small”, “Are you already all? Something you quickly today … “can for a long time discourage a man from having sex with you.

  1. For a perfect sex, a woman should be cheerful.

Why do many relationships that began so romantically end soon, leaving former lovers disappointed and hating each other? Because the demands began: “You must …. You must…”.Relationships in which happiness and happiness were sought began to stifle and traumatize the psyche.In sex, as nowhere else you need a cheerful perception of life. Therefore, if there is some awkward situation, you can always defuse the situation with something funny – a joke or a funny action.


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